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OTA Update Center

Welcome! OTA Update Center is an Over The Air update service that is free of use. This project is specifically for custom ROM developers to be able to implement an easy to use and free OTA Update app.
The project has one goal: to provide a way to provide OTA Updates as easy and noob friendly as possible.


  • Add and remove OTA Updates in a centralized database.
  • Push notification on ROM update.
  • Check for updates once a day.
  • Check for updates manually when the user wants to.
  • Download the ROM and flash it directly.
  • Download the ROM without flashing.
  • Wipe data and/or cache before flashing the update.
  • All available ROMs in one list on the website.
  • Its free to use!

OTA Updater App

The OTA Updater App is an update application for ROMs/devices supported by OTA Update Center.

For ROM developers

Do you want to use this software? 3 simple steps!
1. Download the latest APK from our GitHub page.
2. Add these lines to your build.prop:

    otaupdater.otaid=(write your ota id here without spaces or brackets)
    otaupdater.otaver=(write your ota version here without spaces or brackets)
    otaupdater.otatime=(write the date+time here as: 20120820-1516 without spaces or backets)
If your device has some quirky sdcard (not /sdcard) naming in the OS or recovery, add these lines to your build.prop:
    otaupdater.sdcard.os=(sdcard name (e.g. sdcard2 for /sdcard2) in the main system here without spaces or brackets)
    otaupdater.sdcard.recovery=(sdcard name (e.g. sdcard2 for /sdcard2) in recovery here without spaces or brackets)
If your device cannot be rebooted with "adb shell reboot recovery", write a script that reboots your device and add these lines to your build.prop:
[If you cannot write such a script, use $$NULL$$ instead of the path - the app will then only try to reboot via PowerManager]
    otaudpater.rebootcmd=/path/to/rebootscript.sh -OR- $$NULL$$
If auto-flashing a ROM will do bad things to your device, and the user needs to flash manually, add the following to your build.prop:

3. Register an account on this site (or login if you have already), and add/update your ROM information.

Known Bugs

None so far! If you find any, please report them on our GitHub page.

How to Build

    git clone git@github.com:OTAUpdateCenter/ota-update-centre
Add to Eclipse, make your changes and export as an Android application! :D