Frequently Asked Questions

User FAQ
How can I use this updater?
If your ROM/Kernel developer is using our OTA updater app, you will automatically receive notifications when there is an update available for your ROM/Kernel.
If your ROM/Kernel Developer is not using our OTA updater app, then unfortunately there is not much you can do except bug them (kindly) to use it.
I downloaded and installed the app, but it doesn't work!!!
If you download our app after installing the ROM/Kernel, you're doing it wrong!
A ROM/Kernel which uses our update center has the app installed correctly by default, so there is no need for you to download and install it manually.
If you are using a ROM/Kernel which does not use our update center, then downloading and installing this app is useless. It cannot and will not magically update your rom, or make unicorn dust fall out of the sky.
I don't like your installer. I want to flash the update zip with ROM Manager.
That's fine, but please tell us why you don't like our installer so we can improve it.
Then you can go and install the zip just like any other zip from ROM Manager or your favorite flashing app.
The app downloads the zip file to /sdcard/OTA-Updater/download/roms/<romid>__<>.
Developer FAQ
How can I use this updater?
  • Download the latest APK from our GitHub page.
  • Pick a ROM/Kernel OTA ID that you will use on this site. This should be alpha-numeric (dashes and underscores allowed). This should be unique across our site (multiple files for separate devices can use the same OTA ID).
  • Add the following files to your ROM or Kernel:
    • /system/app/OTA-Updater.apk: OTA Updater APK you downloaded
    • /system/rom.ota.prop: ROM or Kernel version file
    • /system/ota.prop (optional): General properties file
    • /system/features/com.otaudater.feature.xml: OTA Updater feature file (get it here)
  • Package your ROM, generate an MD5 of the zip file, and upload it somewhere.
  • Add your ROM or Kernel on this site. You will need the OTA ID you picked, the device you packaged for, and the URL and MD5 of the zip file. When you have updates, simply update your ROM/Kernel here.
  • For further updates, just make sure you update the otatime and otaver properties in rom/kernel.ota.prop file

Optional settings for /system/ota.prop file:

    "noflash": "<< true or false - prevents app from rebooting into recovery for flashing (user must flash manually) >>",
    "rebootcmd": "<< reboot command if different than `reboot recovery` (can be a script included with ROM/Kernel) >>",
    "system_sdpath": "<< path to external storage in OS if it's non-standard >>",
    "recovery_sdpath": "<< path to external storage in recovery if it's non-standard >>"

Format for /system/rom.ota.prop file:

    "otaid": "<< ROM OTA ID >>",
    "otaver": "<< ROM Version >>",
    "otatime": "<< Date/time of ROM in yyyymmdd-hhmm format >>"

Format for /system/kernel.ota.prop file:

    "otaid": "<< Kernel OTA ID >>",
    "otaver": "<< Kernel Version >>",
    "otatime": "<< Date/time of Kernel in yyyymmdd-hhmm format >>",
    "fullver": "<< Output of `cat /proc/version` (*) >>"
* - this is necessary to detect if a ROM update overwrote your Kernel.
Why do i get the message: Error fetching update info: Invalid ROM (<< [...] >>) & device ([...]) combo!
Make sure the lines in your rom/kernel.prop do not have << and >> in it.
Your rom/kernel.ota.prop should look like this:
    "otaid": "romid12345",
    "otaver": "1.2.3",
    "otatime": "20140729-2050"
What are the requirements to use this updater?
Obviously, your ROM/Kernel needs to be able to connect to the internet... If your rom has no radio/wifi, then this will of course not work.
It is preferable to have the Play Store included in your ROM. This way, the app will use the more efficient push notifications mechanism to deliver updates.
Even if you do not have the Play Store, the app will still work. It will just use pull notifications instead.
My users are not getting their updates!
If you do not have the Play Store included in your ROM/Kernel, it may take up to 24 hours for your users to get the notification, depending on when their device pulls the information from our servers.
Make sure the OTA ID in your rom/kernel.prop matches the one in our database.
If that is correct, then you can contact us and we can look into the issue.
My users get a MD5 error.
Make sure your rom is uploaded on an host with direct linking abilities. such as dropbox, goo-im or your own ftp.
If that's not the problem, be sure the MD5 on the website is right and the upload is not corrupted.
Why do I not get the updates?!
Make sure you are using the right device name on the website. for example, a Galaxy Nexus (GSM) is called 'maguro' and the HTC Sensation is called 'pyramid', make sure you use the code names. if you are not sure you are using the right name please use the command:
adb shell getprop ro.product.device
That will give the device name you need to use for your rom.
Your app doesn't work on device X.
First off, please make sure you are using the latest version of our app!
We have a very limited number of devices to test on, so we depend on you to give us feedback. If you encounter issues with our app, please file a bug report on out GitHub page.
Please include the device, app version, OTA ID, a description of the issue and any other relevant details. If the app crashes, please also attach a logcat.
We appreciate the feedback!!
Why does recovery say that it can't find the zip file?
Your device may have non-standard storage paths. Find out if the OS and/or recovery have non-standard storage paths and set them in the /system/ota.prop file.
What recoveries does the app work with?
The app has been tested with and works fine with CWM and TWRP.
If you have results from another recovery (whether successful or not) please let us know so we can update this and fix the issue.
I am still using the v1 build.prop configuration. What do I do?
The app will continue to read build.prop for now while developers migrate their ROMs, so there is not an immediate need to change anything.
However, using build.prop is deprecated and will not be supported. Changing to the new rom.ota.prop and ota.prop files should be a straightforward mapping of the existing values.
Can't find the answer to your question?
If you can't find your question, please contact us.