What information do we collect?

From registered accounts on our website, we collect only an email address.
From app users, we collect unique device identifiers, Google Cloud Message (GCM) registration IDs, device type, and current ROM information.
From users who donate to us, we collect their name and email address.

How do we collect the information?

The email address for each registered account is provided to us at the time of registration by the person registering for the account.
The information collected from our app users is provided by our app when the app registers for the GCM service. This happens when the device is started for the first time with the app and any time the ROM or app is updated.
The information collected about donating users is supplied by PayPal as part of the transaction information they send us (also see PayPal’s privacy policy).

How do we use the information?

For registered accounts on our website, the email address on file is used to verify the user’s account and to recover their password if necessary. In addition, we may contact users who have added ROM information to our site with important news and updates.
The information about our app users is used only to provide the OTA Update service by pushing GCM messages to relevant users. The unique device identifier is used to prevent duplicate registrations from the same device.
The information about donating users is used to provide recognition for their donation on our credits page.

What control do I have over my information?

At any point in time, should you wish to close your account, you will need to contact us, so we can make sure to remove any other information tied to your account from our database.
App users do not have much control over their information, as it is necessary to provide the OTA Update service. We do not collect any information not necessary for the operation of the service. If a user uninstalls the app, the data will eventually be pruned from the database.
Users who donate to us and wish to have their name redacted or changed on the credits page will need to contact us so we can make the appropriate changes.

How do we protect the information we collect?

All connections to our website are secured with SSL encryption, ensuring safety in the information’s transmission.
Additionally, we take extra precautions to make sure our website code is safe from any attacks like SQL injection.
Furthermore, all unique IDs that could be used to personally identify a user (device identifier, PayPal transaction IDs) are stored in a hashed manner, preventing any use other than verification.