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ROM Name OTA ID Devices Users  
EuroSkank 0829 EuroSkank0903 SHW-M250S 0 Details
LewaRom lewaosrom lenovo75_ics 0 Details
Shaanth Duos shaanthduos GT-S6102 0 Details
Akokki Akokki1648335 MT15i 0 Details
Hybrid hybridkingbabasula gt-I9070 0 Details
All-Star 4.2 All-Star-ROM SGH-T989 27 Details
evodevcustomzv9testbuild evodevcustomzv9testbuild LS970 0 Details
Hybrid S4 Rom hybrid_s4 e1911_v77_gq2000_a41_6628_v20 2 Details
ShagMod Blue shagmodblue supersonic 20 Details
Allegro ROM allegro Fly_IQ4404 219 Details
EvoKing EvoKingP500 p500 22 Details
HynoTech P350 hynotech_p350 p350 0 Details
ShagMod Camo shagmodcamo supersonic 0 Details
CM10-Fusion cm10fu iproj 0 Details
AlphaGTR Release alphagtrship H958 0 Details
CM10-Nexus-One cm10nexusonereider123 passion 16 Details
EvolutionROM EvolutionROM_Oficial GT-N7000 0 Details
PureXperia for A117 PureXperiA117i A117 39 Details
Feel the power of Touch Wizzard End of World Edition cm10pikso GT-I9000 11 Details
Droid-Belt shivamsejal GT-S5300 517 Details
AlteranRom alteranromnath grouper 0 Details
eVolved eVolved-CM10 cdma_targa, XT875 0 Details
Evo-x 4.1.0 evoOTA GT-S5360 9801 Details
Lewa140418 for THL W7s lewaos_w7s_20140418 THL_W7s 0 Details
Jelly Frost Rom simplicity KyleOpen 0 Details